Our Story

The heart of Gradiance Jewelry lies not just in our creations but in the stories they tell β€” especially yours. As artists, we're captivated by the emotions that art, nature, music, and meaningful conversations can evoke. What we see with our eyes, we feel with our heart.

Gradiance Jewelry emerged from an aspiration to craft pieces that resonate with everyday individuals. Because it's when we recognize and invest in our own worth that we truly embrace our gifts and beauty. We hope that you will celebrate and embrace yours.

About Alaina

Growing up small and often unnoticed, I longed to be seen and valued. This has evolved into a lifelong mission: ensuring others feel acknowledged and cherished. I've enjoyed a marketing career centered around amplifying voices, making businesses not just visible but truly seen. Yet, a pivotal moment came when I realized that the person who needed to recognize my worth was, in fact, me. This awakening began with a simple $5 bracelet. You can read the story here.

Creativity has always been my sanctuary. Childhood days spent with art supplies paved the way to my first metalsmith class in high school. When I learned I could pursue a Bachelor's degree in Art, with a focus on metalworking and jewelry, there was no turning back. After college, I immersed myself in the fine jewelry industry, only to pivot to a career in marketing later on. Gradiance Jewelry signifies a rekindled passion for jewelry-making and a commitment to help others celebrate their value and grab hold of something that signifies an embrace of their individuality.

Alaina Latiolais

About Thomas

Raised in my mother's computer lab and inspired by my father's engineering and creative solutions, my worldview is shaped by a unique blend of technology and ingenuity. After pursuing a degree in Computer Science, I found myself gravitating to art. The fact that I then found myself on the path to studying Fine Art still makes me laugh because I never thought of myself as an artist. It was in an elective art class that I found my solace. The depth of color in a patina and the feeling of texture running across my fingertips gave me something that I could work like wind carving desert rocks over time.

It’s been my mission to help others embrace their own creative talent. My pieces often exude a rough and reliced elegance, just like the qualities that we all hold within. From one artist to the next, I hope you find a reflection of your own story in the pieces that I create.