The Tale of Two

by Alaina Latiolais

For a while, silver and white gold held the spotlight as the preferred choices in jewelry. However, around 2018, yellow gold began to make a comeback and has continued to maintain its prominence into 2024.

Silver Embraces Its Dark Side

This doesn't mean silver is completely out of the picture, though. It has received a modern facelift by showcasing its natural tendency to tarnish through controlled oxidation, bringing out a unique depth that complements textured pieces beautifully. The rich, dark allure of oxidized silver jewelry, like those found in our Relic Collection, provides a striking contrast to the warmth of yellow gold, creating what we call 'the tale of two.' So, the question is, are you feeling the light or the night?

Relic Collection and Little Black Jewelry

The Golden Age
The resurgence of yellow gold is a reflection of its warmth, which seems to resonate with the times. With Pantone's 2024 Color Of The Year, Peach Fuzz, taking center stage, there is a collective yearning for warmth and positivity in fashion and design. While our decisions are often based on our customers' preferences, it's fascinating to see national data confirming the prominence of yellow gold. That's precisely what we have in store for 2024. 
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