Jewelry Trends With A Personal Feel

by Alaina Latiolais

Jewelry Trends aren’t always about following the crowd. Trends often arise from a sentiment that we collectively experience, but also personally feel. Our history, our environment, and beliefs become the lens for how the trend translates on a personal level. Read on for a few trends that we’ve seen take hold recently.

 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Many places around the world experienced one of the hottest summers on record putting the environment front and center in our minds. The jewelry industry has been distancing itself from its dark past and embracing sustainability and ethical practices at its core. Consumers are showing their appreciation by supporting companies with high standards of ethics. Recycled metals, lab- grown diamonds and gemstones, and ethically-sourced metals and stones are of paramount importance. A reflection of this trend can also be seen in an embrace of organic textures as well as an incorporation of the elements of nature in designs as an ode to life and the planet. 

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Sentimental Pieces

There is an exuberant embrace of what defines life and jewelry has moved away from its position as a mere status symbol to something more deeply personal. Purchases are more likely to represent a tie to specific memories, people, personal stories, or milestones. Jewelry has a unique way of keeping something special close to your heart whether it be a specific person or a personal reminder of everything that is good and beautiful. There is a myriad of ways this trend can be accomplished from pieces with symbols that represent something meaningful to pieces that encapsulate a cherished moment. This shift underscores the value of individual narratives, celebrating each person’s unique journey and the intimate connections they forge along the way.

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Vintage Revival & Heirloom Inspirations

Perhaps it’s how quickly things seem to be changing in our world, but we’ve seen a deep revival of vintage-inspired trends. Terms like “Cottage Core” and “Vintage Core” have overtaken social media with the essence of the name “Core” indicating the intensity of the trend. Each of these vintage looks tend to embrace an edgier version of the heirloom tradition for an alternative look that is distinctively different than their classic counterparts. Look for scalloped edges and intricate details incorporated into the designs.

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Whatever trends you find yourself gravitating to, one thing is for certain, jewelry purchases whether it be for yourself or someone special tend to be very sentimental. The investment holds the memory and sentiment for generations to come as reminders of all things that are beautiful and wonderful.